// About Onagus

Onagus is Toshi Greg Sugano who is currently residing in Atlanta, GA. He is actively working on his web development skills by focusing on HTML5, CSS, Php, Javascript, MySQL, API Integration, and Jquery. He plans to enroll in a code immersion program in 2014 to gain further exposure frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

His other range of experiences include Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Retro 2D Animation, Vintage Hand-drawn illlustration, Video Editing, photography, and Audio Design. His sense of esthetics and coding skills will be an asset to anyone in need of a full stack web developer capable of front and back end design.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology and has worked in the architectural engineering/design field for a decade until he develped a disability after a sudden illness.

Toshi enjoys farmers markets, electronic music, coffee, international food, sleep, and anything dealing with technological geekery.

// Past Projects

Cabbit - An Interpretive Eco-Fable

{Web Developer, Illustrator, and animator}

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UPG Corporation

{Web/Graphic Design}

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